Grain Sheds


Maximise your profits with a quality heavy duty sealed grain shed that provides the ultimate on-farm multipurpose storage solution!

WRL Engineering in Warren has designed, manufactured, and installed quality heavy duty sealed grain sheds on-farm for more than a decade throughout NSW and QLD. With quality and innovation at the core of every project, WRL strive to continually refine the design and installation methods to improve the sealing properties, and to reduce the time it takes to install on-site.


WRL Engineering grain sheds are superior to tarpaulins and other lower cost methods due to the solid impenetrable barrier to vermin. They are not vulnerable to rips or tears like plastic sheeting and other materials.


WRL sheds are a popular long-term solution built to last. They are an outstanding multi-functional storage solution and can be used to store machinery, various grains, fertiliser or can be used as another work area.

Australian certified innovation patent no 2022100124.

At WRL Engineering, we provide a free quote which includes the shed and the slab. All you need to do is prepare the pad and point us in the direction of your nearest concrete supplier! We literally do everything else, and we personally manage the project from beginning to end!

WRL's 24m Wide Shed

This fully sealed grain shed has a wider frame design with a peak approx 9.4m, giving it a 6900 tonne capacity in its 10 bays (60m long).
We are now offering this 24m wider frame design in builds of 10 bays or more. Increase your storage capacity with more bays
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18m Wide Grain Shed
3150 Tonne42x18 metres7 bays
3600 Tonne48x18 metres8 bays
4050 Tonne54x18 metres9 bays
4500 Tonne60x18 metres10 bays
4950 Tonne66x18 metres11 bays
5400 Tonne72x18 metres12 bays

24m Wide Grain Shed
6900 Tonne60x24 metres10 bays
7590 Tonne66x24 metres11 bays
8280 Tonne72x24 metres12 bays
8970 Tonne78x24 metres13 bays
9660 Tonne84x24 metres14 bays
10350 Tonne90x24 metres15 bays
11040 Tonne96x24 metres16 bays
11730 Tonne102x24 metres17 bays

All sheds have doors at both ends except the 3150T and 3600T which have a wall at one end and a door at the other end
Both the 18mtr wide and 24mtr wide sheds can have additional bays added on


“We personally manage every job from beginning to end. We have worked over many years to create and develop a fully sealed grain shed that has now become a patent pending design. We are vertically integrated and have complete control over the manufacture of all components and assemblies for your shed. This allows us to manufacture faster, and with more quality assurance than many others.” Warren Lefebvre, WRL Engineering.

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With evenly placed fill inlets along the roof of every WRL fully sealed grain shed, you can fill from the top easily with your auger of choice. Maximise storage space by filling from the top allowing your grain or legumes to fill more of the shed.

Check out this video of recently built sheds in Surat QLD, that were put straight to work, being loaded at up to 350 tonnes per hour.


All our fully sealed grain sheds have a concrete bund along the length of the shed. This makes grain handling quick and easy. It also protects the shed from damage and seals out vermin.

Move your grain quickly and easily in a fully sealed grain shed! Check out Rob moving 55 tonne of grain into a road train in 20 minutes! That's around the same time as a conventional auger!! So easy. 


We are often asked how we make sure our sheds are sealed. Every sheet within our grain sheds is sealed during construction to ensure a quality fully sealed grain shed at the end of each build.  


Did you know - if you are a primary producer, you may be entitled to claim an immediate tax deduction for capital expenses incurred on fodder storage assets including grain storage sheds? LEARN MORE…


What are the key benefits of a sealed grain storage shed?

The ultimate multipurpose large storage solution!

Not just for grain, these fully sealed sheds provide the ultimate multipurpose large storage solution up to 24m wide for cotton, corn, chickpeas, legumes, fertiliser, machinery… anything!

Maximise storage space!

Maximise storage space available by filling from the top or store multiple items easily loading from doors at both ends.

Keep your grain safe!

Enjoy peace of mind with a crop that is safely stored and not exposed to risk by storm damage or vermin infestation.

Treat your grain effectively!

Know you have the ability to treat the grain against weevils, quickly, and safely.

Sell when you want!

Choose when you want to sell your crop (or part of it) to maximise the price you receive for your hard work during the year.

Why choose a wrl heavy duty sealed grain shed?

  • Manufactured in Australia using quality Australian One Steel products.

  • Ranging from 3000 tonne upwards.

  • Manufactured from universal beam for long life, strength and easy maintenance.

  • Height at shed centres from  8.2 metres to 9.4 metres with a 23-degree roof pitch.

  • Shed spans available in 18 or 24 metres 

  • Custom designed locking system.

  • Sheds can be finished with enclosed ends or double doors (8 metres x 5.2 metres).

  • Specialised Sealing System.

  • Oil bath to maintain pressure.

  • Fumigation point.

  • Walkways with safety rails.

  • Range of optional extras available – 200mm cyclone gutter / concrete pad at shed ends.


At WRL Engineering, we are Australian made, owned and operated! We pride ourselves on using quality Australian made products from top Australian suppliers including Lysaght and InfraBuild. Lysaght is an Australian manufacturer of quality steel building products, including roofing and walling, gutters and downpipes, purlins, fencing, framing and formwork. InfraBuild is Australia’s largest processor and distributor of steel long products, including reinforcing bar, reinforcing mesh, tubular and hollow sections, merchant bar and wire products.


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